The best car for a student in 2020


College life is when most of us experience the true sense of personal freedom and gain knowledge about things in life that we are truly passionate about. Having a car is essential not just for the everyday cruise to classes and back, but also to be allowed independent access to areas you wish to explore at your own pace. There is a series of influences that form our purchasing decision, each with their respective priority level, and it’s a great challenge to find the Goldilocks Zone.

In this article, we’re going to inspect some of the main questions each student should know the answer to if they are thinking of buying a car.

The economic factor

Affording a car during college for an average student is quite a challenge with tuition, living costs, loans, and other money holes waiting for their fill. Finding a well-paid job with flexible time is a rare opportunity. Many students make a living by helping others to Edubirdie admission or some other academic assignment help. In any way, money is scarce, so we need to spend money smart.

  • There are also service and regular maintenance fees, these may vary depending on horsepower, engine type, mileage, engine capacity, and series other factors which leaves you a lot of room for different choices.
  • Check out some user experiences to get a glimpse of an idea of what potential troubles await you as well if the car has many components you need to change or upgrade in the short term. These are the second-grade costs that you pay often after you purchase a car that no car seller is going to tell you about.
  • You should consider fuel consumption, the less gas you need to refill with each mile you cross the better for your pocket. Insurance costs are also an important factor, so make sure you find the optimal solution.

Needs over desires

What we need out of a car is to be safe, easy to maneuver, comfortable, and for us to be able to afford it. Everything else should fall under lower priority because it’s not essential for the basic purpose of the vehicle.

Your phone can be a GPS device, commuting in an eco-friendly fossil fuel car leaves a lesser carbon footprint that single people in multiple electric cars. Choose the level of equipment that’s most suitable for your needs during college and use your devices when you need additional functionality.

If you’re traveling across large distances more often than your peers, you could opt for a diesel model because they are built to develop momentum and keep it longer than other types. This means decreased fuel consumption, less stress on the gears, and more power that builds up gradually.

According to research conducted and published by the U.S. News report, the majority of college students commute to campus, which is not a surprise considering it cuts down the costs and has a positive impact on our environment.

What the market has to say?

According to official OICA (International Organization of Motor Vehicle Manufacturers) statistics, in 2019 there were more than 92 million cars made in the world. The same institution issued a report that shows 9.7 million cars sold in the US that same year. More than 25 percent of the market belongs to Ford Motor Company with over 2.5 million units delivered to American buyers.

American automotive giant also includes a widespread network of services which allows students to maintain their vehicle seamlessly, without excess trips. Their latest EcoSport series provides a comfortable and eco-friendly car ride with standard features to support college lifestyle. A diverse choice of equally potent engine types at an affordable rate allows you to commute or make some money as an Uber driver.

If, however, money is of no issue, you could check out our list of most expensive cars around, and browse from that lot.



We went through what makes a car model eligible for college life and how to determine your search radius. By the end, we even referred to the current market situation and took the best we thought would fit our current argument. However, the final decision comes down to each of us individually, even though it’s always good to do your shopping well-informed.

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