1 Lamborghini Miura or 3 Gallardos?

Because only 765 Lamborghini Miuras were created, it is not entirely shocking that one is set to hit the luxury car auction block for an estimated $1.38 million. But for that price, one could fetch 3 brand-new Lamborghini Gallardos or an endless supply of Lamborghini rentals!

Lamborghini Miura

Lamborghini Miura

I am certain an avid collector with abyss-shaped pockets will snap this exotic collector car right up, and it will certainly be a prized edition to any collection. The Miura will be auctioned off in London during the last week of October, and features the desirable SV specification and is right-hand drive. It was originally a left-hand drive, but converted to left-hand drive to accommodate its Australian buyer.

This car is chassis number 5036 and was the 717th Lamborghini Miura created. The car remained in Australia where it had 2 owners before Gerry Kent purchased and cared for it for 33 years until his death. Now with some $200,000 worth of refurbishments and a $100,000 engine rebuild, #5036 is prepared for a proud new owner!

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