$1 Million Dollar Porsche Calendar or a Bugatti?

If you are obsessed with calendars, and the ones located on your smart phone or laptop just won’t suffice, check out the Porsche Design Advent calendar, it’s a steal at just $1 million dollars.  Really?  For $1 million dollars, you could buy two or more actual Porsches, or several years of constant Porsche rentals Miami style!  So what makes this luxury calendar so expensive?  One could acquire a luxurious Bugatti for that price!

Porsche Advent Calendar

This exotic calendar protrudes 6 feet tall, comprised of brushed aluminum with double-coat finished surfaces, and happens to be filled with awesome Porsche items.  You won’t be bragging as much about the brushed metal as you will the enticing contents you will discover daily!

Items inside the Porsche Advent calendar includes 24 lit windows marking the days leading up to Christmas, including a Porsche Design P’6910 Indicator watch in rose gold, a Porsche Design individually customizable kitchen P’7340 and oh yeah, a 27-foot motor yacht.  Seriously.  Not a luxury yacht charter, a yacht of your own!

27-foot Luxury Yacht
A Porsche kitchen, you ask?  Yes, Porsche designs have extended into a wide arena of areas, and the kitchen utilizes Siemens appliances, hidden discreetly behind driftwood pine doors, sleek black granite countertops, aluminum and glass panels.  The Porsche kitchen cabinets and cupboards are void of handles, opening instead at a touch.  Slick.

Porsche Design Kitchen

Only five Porsche Advent calendars have been created and only one will be sold on any continent.

Not interested in Porsche? For just $655,000, you can obtain a Ginza Tanaka 2011 Gold Miffy Calendar, which celebrates the Japanese year of the rabbit via a solid gold calendar standing 2 feet tall and made with 6 ounces of pure gold.  You just have to get past ‘Miffy’ the rabbit, who is alarmingly similar to ‘Hello Kitty’. 

Ginza Tanaka Calendar


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