How to Obliterate a World Record: Just Add 1000 Ferrari Supercars (Video)

England was recently overtaken by a seemingly endless stampede of Prancing Horses, courtesy of the fine folks at Ferrari! The luxury event occurred at Silverstone racetrack–where 964 Ferrari owners effectively obliterated the previous World record for the largest single gathering of Ferrari supercars. The previous record of the stabled horses stood at 490 cars at Japan’s Fuji Speedway circuit in 2008. That trumped the 385 record Ferrari parade in 2007. Fix your eyes on nearly 1000 Ferrari supercars in the same place at the same time…video at bottom of post!

1000 Ferrari supercars

Ferrari teamed up with the British Ferrari Owner’s Club to accomplish this phenomenal task

The full-throttle approach was a great success to raise funds for BEN, an automotive charity. Leading the pack was famed F1 driver Felipe Massa in a stunning Ferrari 458 spider. The car, like Massa, is a favorite among fans—rent a 458 Ferrari today to find out why. The brand behind the badge donated $8 per car to the charity, a total of $7,819.

1000 Ferrari cars

Some of the cars were sporting racing attire, which is always welcomed!

To make an outstanding feat even sweeter, it took place during the Ferrari Racing Days weekend. That translates to mass F1 sightings and an entire range of the latest from Ferrari, including the brand-spanking-new F12 Berlinetta. Ferrari tester Marc Gene attended and offered his expertise to coach some owners and drivers taking part in the super exclusive F1 Clienti Program, which is likely similar to our Ferrari VIP Collector Club.

1000 Ferrari cars record

Thousands of Ferrari cars gathered during the latest Ferrari Racing Days

Overall, 1000 Ferrari supercars in one location is quite an impressive display…so when will this record be broken again? We cannot wait!

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