1,000 Ferraris Delivered to Hong Kong Since the 1960s

March of 2009 was a special month for Ferrari, as it marked the 1,000th Prancing Horse logo to call China home.  Yes, the 1,000th Ferrari was delivered to China in March, in prestigious style.  Enzo Ferrari saidFerrari Scaglietti Hong Kong it best,
“There will always be people crazy enough to buy a Ferrari.” 

The zealous arrival of the special Ferrari occurred in Hong Kong, where the Chinese customer who ordered the exotic car received it on an ancient “Huan”, a historic Chinese vessel, so that he could receive the keys while on the water.  By this point you are most likely wondering which Ferrari model the buyer chose.  Showing obvious taste from the delivery method to the model, it was a 612 Scaglietti “one-to-one”, of course.

The Ferrari brand first graced China about 45 years ago, making Hong Kong one of the eldest markets for the luxury cars.  Sales in Hong Kong reached 115 Ferraris in 2008, to be exact. 

In comparison, Australia received 163 Ferraris, Japan 433, and 212 for China as a whole-overtaking the Aussies for the first time ever.  Not a lucky recipient of an upcoming Ferrari delivery?  No worries, you can always catch the addiction in a Ferrari rental Miami style! 

Post by Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentals