2008 Fall Fashion Week: In Miami Next Week

Miamians never get to watch the leaves change color or the temperatures drop in Fall but we still have Fall Fashion Week, go figure. There is nothing like standing in 90 degree heat and watching Fall sweaters and boots strut down the runway.  Regardless, we are still fashion junkies and wouldn’t miss the 2008 Fall Fashion shows for anything. Hosted by OceanDrive Magazine and a bevy of other companies, shows start on Septemeber 22.

Each night of the week has a different theme, which is cheesy but very Miami-ish. We aren’t talking Bryant Park but the events tend to be amusing. Where the night’s events become more about dressing to the nines and being photographed than the actual fashion. Always a true scene to be seen in if you are anybody or think you’re anybody. This year Fashion Week kicks off with designer Carlos Miele at the Biltmore Hotel & Residencies. There are only a couple shows next week that are somewhat high end, and that we are somewhat excited for. The first is the Escada show on Wednesday, September 24th, at the Setai Hotel.  The second, is on Friday the 26th for Perry Ellis, a menswear designer so gay and straight men rejoice because this ones all for you.  That show will be held at the National Hotel on South Beach.

If you were curious the nights are called, "Glamour, Rock, Sophisticated, Hip, Timeless and Universal. Like we said, there is a major cheese factor but beggars can’t be choosers right? Manhattan has better fashion but they also freeze every winter. By winter time in Miami, we are living like royalty and wearing ultimate high end fashionable frocks on a daily basis. We will be in attendance all week and keep you posted on the fashion, frills, fun and season’s must haves. Below is the week’s schedule but don’t kid yourself, events are exclusive and by invite only!