2010 Monaco Yacht Show Promotes Environmental Awareness

This year marked the 20th Monaco Yacht Show, and it was a decidedly green tie affair!  Yes, luxury yachts and megayachts whisking their wealthy owners or yacht charter guests to the world’s most beautiful places, guzzling massive amounts of fuel along the way, are potentially sailing for greener pastures…er…seas.

The 2010 Monaco Yacht Show kicked off September 22nd with approximately 28,000 guests from the luxury yacht industry and Monaco business world squeezed into the area.  Around 100 superyachts were present on opening day, poised on the water to impress.  Issues like deforestation and carbon footprints will be highlighted and prioritized, which is wonderful with a larger crowd to absorb the message and new technologies!

The coveted Yacht Show Monaco is joining forces with the Foundation Prince Albert II to attack environmental hazards and bring awareness to them.  During the event, super yachts from around the world will converge on the scenic Riviera.  The Riviera is a small section that is actively working to reduce the carbon footprints emitted by the yachts that frequent its waters.

2010 Monacco Yacht ShowAccording to Luc Khaldoun, Commercial Director Europe from Fraser Yachts,

"Motivation is coming from all sides and some owners are really deeply concerned by environmental issues, particularly the more technically-minded owners."
 It is cool that increased carbon-offsetting has been seen among participants at this year’s Monaco Yacht Show.  The idea of offsetting is that a yacht’s greenhouse gas emissions are quantified and then balanced by an equal amount of emission reductions.  These reductions come from carefully scrutinized green energy projects around the world.

Newly launched megayacht ‘Exuma’ is making some green with envy, as it is the first of a new series of Vitruvius motor yachts built by Italy’s Pichiotti and Perini Navi and green, yet cutting edge.   It is a 50-foot yacht capable of accommodating ten guests and eight crewmembers, with a light aluminum hull designed to slash fuel consumption.  It is rumored that the Exuma yacht is designed to function with fuel efficiency similar to sail boats.  Very cool!

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