2010 Pro Bowl Game Gives Miami a Try

As Miami and South Florida continue the countdown to Super Bowl 2010 in early February and the big game at Miami’s Landshark Stadium on Feb 7, there will be a trial run of sorts for local organizers and hospitality industry people as this year’s NFL all-star game know as the Pro Bowl will also be there.

In a departure from years of tradition, the NFC and AFC all-stars will play their annual end-of-season game a week BEFORE the Super Bowl decides this year’s NFL Champion.

The current Pro Bowl format, which began in 1971, rotated annually among host sites until 1980 when it moved permanently to Honolulu. But, this year, the league decided to experiment with concept in an effort to keep up interest, as there has been criticism in some quarters that playing the game after the Super BPro Bowl 2010 Miamiowl had made it anti-climactic.

The Pro Bowl has always been a huge hit for the players involved and their families, who always relished a free trip to enjoy Hawaii for a few days in the winter. But the feeling is that no one is going to complain about this year’s game being staged in the bustling internationally flavored Mecca for fun that is Miami.  From luxury accommodations to exotic rental cars, South Beach is the place to be seen in the sports world.

Players selected for the game, based on their good performances all season long, will bring wives, girlfriends, kids and parents down to South Florida to enjoy the ambience and the city and its renowned reputation for hospitality and for making sure visitors have a memorable experience. 

And, as said, staging the Pro Bowl on Sunday Jan 31 gives all the hoteliers, restaurateurs and club and boutique owners a chance for a little test to make sure all is perfect for the following week when the super bowl party comes to town.

The 2010 game also won’t be South Florida’s first Pro Bowl: the 1975 game took place in Miami’s Orange Bowl.  The NFL is evaluating how things go this year in Miami and remains in discussions with key leaders in Hawaii to possibly rotate the Pro Bowl in and out of the Aloha State in coming years.

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