2011 Jaguar XJ Luxury Sedan

Jaguar has revealed its new XJ luxury sedan, featuring a decided departure from the retro aesthetics into a bold new modern look.  Look out Mercedes-Benz and BMW 7-Series, there may be some new classic competition rolling your way!

The XJ series sedans are starting around $72,500, placing them among the more expensive everyday drivers on the market.  The XJ supercharged edition will set you back a bit more, naturally, at $87,500, and the XJL version is around the $90,000 mark. 

Did you think I was finished?  There are also XJ Supersport and XJL Supersport models for $112,000 and $115,000, correspondingly.   This is quite the luxury lineup, with a marketing approach to many segments. 

Here are the breakdowns:2010 Jaguar XJ Series

•    Base XJ:  5.0-liter V8 385 horsepower
•    Mid-level supercharged:  5.0-liter V8 470 horsepower
•    Supersport:  5.0-liter V8 510 horsepower


Base XJ models hit the 0-60 mark in 5.4 seconds, supercharged models at 4.9 seconds and Supersport models at 4.7 seconds.  This speed is thanks to a lightweight aluminum body.  The base models top speed is around 121 miles per hour, while the Supercharged is around 155 miles per hour.

All XJ models utilize the same six-speed automatic transmission, making them driver friendly and ideal for most drivers.

So Jaguar fans have a new toy, and something to look forward to.  Not a Jag fan?  No problem, treat yourself to a peek at our luxury rental car fleet available in Miami, New York, Chicago and Los Angeles!



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