The 2011 Jaguar XKR 5.0 Coupe Curtain Call

Luxury car extraordinaire Jaguar is rumored to be releasing its revised version of the 2011 XKR this March at the Geneva Auto Show.  The new version boasts perks that are worth looking into further.

The 2011 XKR is to be outfitted with new optional Speed and Black Packs, the Speed Pack boosts the top speed from 155 miles per hour to 174, just like the 202011 Jaguar XKR 09 XKR-S. 

The Speed Pack is priced at about $5,500 and incorporates recalibrated engine and transmission settings that allow it to accelerate past its electronically limited top speed.

The Speed Pack option features a revised front splitter, body-color side sills and rear diffuser, chrome accents, 20-inch Kasuga alloy wheels and a larger rear spoiler.  The computerized Active Differential Control provides additional stability at high speeds, by reducing steering sensitivity.

The Black Pack is only available in addition to the Speed Pack, and is about $800.  The Black Pack and adds some spark with glossy black 20-inch Kalimnos wheels and exterior accents, as well as body-color front and rear spoilers.  Both the Speed and Black Pack are only available for the XKR coupe.

There are three color options for the 2011 Jaguar XKR:

•    Ultimate Black
•    Polaris White
•    Salsa Red

The cockpit area is coated in luxurious charcoal leather, which the buyer has the option to personalize with stitching and grain.  Buyers can also personalize with a choice of dark mesh, dark oak, piano black or aluminum accents.  Ahh decisions, decisions.

All Jaguar XKR models will be outfitted with red brake calipers and an Instant Mobility tire-repair system, you know what they say, safety first. 

This exotic beauty is anticipated to hit the market at about $118,200, with the convertible starting at $127,700.  Not packing that kind of dough?  Indulge in an exotic rental car and save $116,000 ish.  

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