2013 BMW Lineup Lines the Track

BMW is holding nothing back this year, unleashing hybrid incentives along with a new lineup geared toward change: the next M5 and M6. Loaded with upscale amenities and electronics, these agile machines pass road and track tests with excruciating ease, offering up a bit more than standard luxury.

Performance perfection–what else is to be expected from BMW?

The M5 and M6 were crafted to merge luxury with performance, a sought after feat by all exotic carmakers. The two new siblings were tested at the track, and there was very little difference in performance noted between the sedan and the coupe! The M5 boasts a 4-door sedan layout, while the M6 is the traditional coupe. Performance stats typically vary between coupes, which are intended to be faster, and sedans, made for commutes and families.

BMW is highlighting that these cars are great for daily driving, luxury highway cruising or just ripping it up at Laguna Seca…typical day. How many luxury cars on today’s market offer ultra versatility?

As always, these cars are laden with the brand’s signature technology, though they hemorrhage fuel thanks to a 4,000-pound frame and 500 horses. Will the new BMW M models accelerate sales and end in a success, or will consumers switch gears toward fuel efficiency and go for the BMW electric lineup? Nothing would surprise, so stay tuned!

While rumors say the current M5 will be the last offered with a manual transmission, the official BMW blog says the 2013 will boast a 6-speed manual. Pictured above is the first M5 and the current.

Aggressive lines give the coupe mean curb appeal!

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