2016 Audi: The Big Brand Is Set to Launch 10 New Rides

Amid the fierce competition throughout all markets, for 2016 Audi is poised to bring it on by releasing ten new rides. While that seems like quite a tall order, it may be a must in order to stay on top of the game against big players like Mercedes-Benz and BMW.

2016 AudiAudi plans to unleash some fury in the form of tons of new vehicle options. With a healthy bank account and ample able engineers on their team, it will be an exciting few years to come.

The often-comical competition between the leading three continues as Audi announces intentions to introduce the ten new models as early as this very year. The endeavor is much less dramatic because many of those will be revamped versions of their predecessors, though there will be new models involved in the mix. It is armed with that endearing Audi attitude and an ample and enviable budget that the brand presses forth in the competitive arena to further the fleet. Just how enviable is their budget? That would be to the tune of approximately 24 billion euros by 2019. That should get some engines revving and raise the pulses of all rivals!

2016 AudiThe close competition between Audi, Mercedes-Benz and BMW has gone on for eons it seems, but neither has been able to successfully match Audi’s sustained growth pattern. The burgeoning Asian markets have led to tremendous sales for all three brands, and all remain focused on keeping traction there for as long as the opportunity plays out. All markets rise and fall like a breathing pattern, so nothing lasts forever. It is for that very reason it is vital to all automakers to provide versatility in terms of model offerings and also pricing ranges. Audi will stand as leader of the pack and hopes to keep a stronghold on that position with the new plethora of offerings coming soon.

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