4 Things to do Before Bringing Home Your Dream Car

Your Dream Car

You’ve done it at last: the car you’ve always dreamt of is finally yours. You can’t wait to get behind the steering wheel and park it in your driveway for all — family and neighbors, of course — to see.

But don’t let the excitement of that moment cloud your judgment. Is everything in place to ensure a problem-free future for you and your car together?

We’ve put together a checklist you should run through before those tires even leave the showroom floor. It includes aspects that many consumers have wished they planned better in advance.

Avoid vehicle damage, frustration and stress by being patient a little longer and getting the following into place.



Parking. Such a simple word, but have you considered the repercussions if you haven’t got a properly prepared space for your vehicle?

Often homeowners realize too late that the garage is either too low for their new SUV or not long enough. The tow bar JUST doesn’t make it, so the garage door won’t close.

Now you either have to park it outside or do renovations to your home. Both options actually put your car at risk, either to be damaged by the elements or by workers on site.

Also, consider that it’s not enough that the car fits in the garage, but there should be ample space left over around it. When the doors open, is there a chance they’ll bang into a wall or other car easily?

For your dream car, do whatever it takes to avoid small nicks and scratches.



Are you ready to take care of your car in such a manner that it looks new for as long as possible? Consider aspects such as the following, so you never have regrets about not properly maintaining your vehicle:

  • Get seat covers from day one, because a spill can happen at any time.
  • Educate yourself about proper maintenance of that model so you know when to book a service.
  • What products are ideal for cleaning the type of paint your car has?


Insurance Coverage

You probably know insurance is mandatory in the US, but realize that there are different types you need to consider. For your dream car, simply having liability coverage may not be enough. Don’t you want to be insured against any scenario, including collisions, so that you can repair or replace your dream car?

Obtain multiple car insurance quotes before you agree to one. Vet them and make sure your new asset is covered optimally.


How protective are you of the new vehicle? Will you allow family members to view your vehicle in the same light they do your previous cars, making use of it whenever they need transport?

Think for a moment how much you’re looking forward to taking your car out on the open road. You can imagine your spouse or children think the same and they’re bound to step on that accelerator to discover what the car can do. But not everyone is as good a driver as you, are they?

It’s not selfish to lay down some rules about using a new asset, especially if there are young people whose driving skills you don’t trust yet. Asking them never to drive your car without asking you — or even without you in the car with them — is a reasonable request.


Bring it Home

Do you have everything in place to not only enjoy it, but look after your dream car? Keep the above tips in mind to prepare your home for the new arrival.