$400,000 Lamborghini Crashed During Test Drive!

The photo below illustrates how NOT to return a $400,000 Lamborghini following a test-drive. According to Lamborghini Sydney salesman Ian Watts, “It appears he panicked-these things happen.” Do they? Since when do supercars slam themselves into barriers under normal driving conditions?

The driver lost control of the previously sharp white Lamborghini Gallardo and nailed a barrier on the Macquarie street entry to the Cahill Expressway around 9 am, so it may have been too early to blame boozing. I would imagine that Mr. Watts felt more horsepower than the Gallardo coursing through his body when the time came to contact his manager about the exotic car crash!

Crashed Lamborghini Sydney

The crashed Lamborghini was insured, and it was a complete loss judging by the sorry sight that was formerly the front end.

The dealership and the local authorities seem to have a difference of opinion on the outcome of this case. The dealership stated that the driver was not speeding at the time of the crash and would not be required to pay any damages…how forgiving! The authorities, however, share my common sense approach that a car does not simply crash into barriers, and may issue charges on the matter.

The driver has no plans to purchase the Lambo, and I recommend he invest in driving lessons. If you know how to drive a supercar, rent a Lamborghini in Miami from Imagine Lifestyles this weekend, why not change things up a bit?
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