5 Tips to keep your Ferrari in Pristine Condition

Ferrari MaintenanceOwning an exotic car is an expense.  To minimize that expense, it is imperative to maintain your car appropriately.  Owning a Ferrari can be costly, but it is more costly should you elect not to follow proper maintenance tips.  At Imagine Lifestyles we own a few Ferraris, and would like to share with you some tips to keep your horses prancing:

1.    Keep your battery plugged in when not in use
2.    Always cover car, even in garage
3.    Regular maintenance
4.    Watch your mileage
5.    Regular detailing

Owning a Ferrari can be very pricey, and plugging in your battery is a form of preventative maintenance.  The reason we suggest covering your car at all times is simple, it is a defense from debris and other unexpected issues-even in a garage things can happen and a new paint job is not an expense you wish to endure. 

Regular scheduled maintenance is vital to keeping your Ferrari in great shape, and to prevent issues that could become quite costly, and remember that the older the Ferrari is, the more costly it is to maintain.  A regular oil change for a Ferrari F430 is about $500, $800 for an F360 Modena, and $1100 for an F355.  An oil change is needed about every 5,000 miles for a Ferrari, or once per year because most owners do not exceed 5,000 miles annually.

Other typical maintenance items will set you back as well-spark plugs average $3,000, belts $4,000 every 1500 miles, and should you need to replace your clutch it is about $2500 for a 6 speed and $6500 for the F1.

Being aware of your mileage will help to preserve your baby, while regular dedicated interior maintenance will keep that “new car scent”.  Ferrari is an expensive exotic to own, but those who know will tell you that if the cost of ownership is something you need to consider, you probably shouldn’t own one.  If that is the case, do not feel left out of the club, you can always rip it up in a Ferrari rental of your choice, and let us worry about the maintenance and details!

Post by Imagine LIfestyles Luxury Rentals