65-Miles Per Gallon from a Cadillac SUV? Seriously?

Cadillac Urban SUV Concept

The diminutive new Cadillac Urban Luxury Concept SUV proves that dynamite can come in small packages!  Fashioned with perks and capabilities that appeal to city slickers who are long on cash and short on parking spaces, this little luxury rascal packs a serious punch in many departments!  Could this be the future of the exotic SUV rental Miami?  I somehow cannot picture such a kitten clawing at the likes of the Escalade rental Miami any time soon, but it is certainly cute!


Cadillac Luxury SUV Concept

Yes, it certainly seems that the size matters trend in the luxury car department is fading somewhat, as even celebrities strive to show their green side by opting to drive the Pruis and other luxury hybrids.  I am looking at you, Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hanks.

Cadillac Concept SUV

This may or may not have led the fine folks at Cadillac to scratch their heads a bit, contemplating the fact that big city living translates to large amounts of traffic, and tight parking spots if you are lucky enough to snag one at all.  This in turn must have taken the thinkers at Cadillac to realize that there is a market for upscale but un-super-sized luxury SUVs and cars for the wealthy but space-challenged city dweller.  Enter the Cadillac Urban SUV concept, the obvious and stunning solution.

Cadillac Urban SUV Concept Interior

So is the Cadillac Urban SUV as luxurious as it is small?  Let’s get down to specs.  This bite-sized Cadillac SUV would be powered by a teeny turbocharged 1.0-liter three-cylinder engine.  This hybrid powerplant engine is supplemented by an electric motor, brake regeneration and insane fuel economy, fetching a predicted 56 miles per gallon city and 65 highway.  I can’t recall ever seeing projections that high.

Cadillac SUV Concept

Inside, touchscreens replace all standard interior controls, completing the compact dashboard effect.  This innovative move maximizes interior space for occupants, while creating an aesthetic playground.  Completing the futuristic overall effect are sharp scissor style doors.  Cadillac even snuck in a clever hook for new parents, featuring fold down back seats that reveal a dock for the Orbit car seat.


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