80 Percent of Luxury Cars to Become Hybrids?

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According to the bosses of Jaguar-Land Rover, a projected 8 out of 10 luxury vehicles will become hybrids over the next decade.  Dr. Ralph Speth, JLR’s CEO, confirmed this theory in a story called ‘What Car’. 

Presently, luxury hybrid technology and electric car efforts are creeping along, slowly and to a market that is a bit timid to invest.  I feel that the future will hold a larger amount of luxury hybrid cars, electric cars and even electric luxury rental cars, but think that it may take a bit longer than ten years.   


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Then again, I have been wrong before…like when I thought the Hanson’s were chicks, that Justin Bieber was a lesbian, or that reality shows were just a passing tragedy.  Compounding factors will likely influence the switch to sustainable forms of energy and future fuels, including new EPA rules coming into play, and the pricing of luxury hybrids and electric cars.  The market may find new luxury hybrids more appealing if they were priced the same as the standard versions, like the Lincoln MKZ.


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It would be interesting to dissect the number of people who opted to invest in the Lincoln MKZ hybrid over the standard version, and the data could influence other luxury car brands to do the same, offering their new technology at the same price.  What choice would you make, standard or hybrid?  Comment below!

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