Pay to Play with your Food @ Barton G

Popcorn Shrimp @ Barton GBarton G Restaurant is a very contemporary American style scene that will encourage you to play with your food . The restaurant is located on 1427 West Ave, in South Beach.  The larger than life portions are served in a fantastically witty way that would make Barnum & Bailey proud. Cirque du Ceviche, Mouse Trap Mac & Cheese, Flashdance Grouper, Naked Tuna, Veg-G-licious or Sizzling Brick Chicken anyone? The naked tuna is served on a beach scene that looks like a high school book report and the chicken comes out on an actual red brick sans cement. Hungry yet? Well eat up because the leftovers could probably feed a developing nation but hey at least it’s amusing. Even if you’re gorged don’t leave without trying the Big Top Cotton Candy monstrousity, Cup Cake Picnic or the Chocolate Fun-Do for dessert to round out the full circus experience. Don’t worry though you won’t feel like you’re sitting in one of those side show freak shows but rather more along the lines of the always posh Cirque du Soleil. Barton G has taken hoity-toity out of upscale dining and given us relaxed sophistiaction and an undeniably multi sensory experience.