A Smaller Kind of Super-Yacht

You don’t need a mega-yacht to look good at sea. There are many other fashionable yachting options for the affluent, like the Aquariva Super motorboat.  The Aquariva Super for the halfhearted captain, who enjoys day trips and sunset cruises. Designed by Italian yacht firm Riva, the Aquariva motorboat is a 33-foot streamlined masterpiece. Riva has taken design cues from the legendary 1962 Aquarama yacht and then upped the ante. The Aquariva Super boat a luxurious blend of sinuous lines and precious woods. With special attention put to the carpentry, chrome, lacquer-work, and leather elements of the Aquariva Super motorboat.  The result is a truly super-boat, that imbues rugged spirit and elegance. The Aquariva Super is priced at $944,000 and can be purchased exclusively from Riva dealer’s worldwide. In this case, being small doesn’t diminish good looks and high-class.