Alfa Plays Up the Romeo: The 8C Competizione Heart-Throb

Italy is known for producing iconic exotic cars…but could the Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione be the most beautiful? Alfa has a solid reputation for playing Romeo…and by that I mean melting hearts with the metal eye-candy they unleash.

Alfa Romeo 8C

Following a few decades of wedge-shaped Ferraris and Lamborghinis, the 8C Competizione was a definite curve ball!

At a time when other luxury carmakers were touting sharp lines and increasingly aggressive appearances, Alfa chose to defy convention with the 8C. The curvaceous and smooth silhouette of this car captured attention, even with Lamborghini’s Miura acting as a template for what a high-performance auto should be.

Alfa Romeo 8C

The 8C Competizione is exceptionally stunning, even for an Alfa Romeo!

The design is clearly sixties retro, with the grille and cloverleaf on the fender serving as signature decade slices. Aside from a few subtle distinctions, the 8C does not seem to mimic any specific predecessor or model—it is quite unique and that makes it fascinating.

Alfa Romeo 8C

The amazing 8C

While the name includes the word “Competizione”, which does mean competition, this was never a racing car. It was named for the 1948 6C 2500 Competizione, an enduring symbol of Alfa Romeo’s strong motorsports heritage.

Alfa Romeo 8C

A vision in red…Ferrari has much to fear!

Alfa Romeo 8C

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