Aloe in South Florida: A New Aloe Spa

Oh the power of going green! In this case, going green doesn’t have anything to do with saving planet Earth, although saving Earth is helpful. Green is the color of the aloe plant which is said to be a plant with powerful healing abilities. Many health and beauty regimens consist of some aloe but one spa depends upon it. The Aloe-Spa Salute Per Aloe has just recently expanded into the Stated from Spain and Argentina. The Aloe spa has just taken up residency in Ft. Lauderdale and Miami Beach, Florida. The spa centers around aloe but uses other natural ingredients such as, organic brown sugar, marine salt, green coffee, honey, green tea extract, açai extract, Andean volcanic clay, and pure caviar. While this spa sounds more like a place to eat rather than get a massage, it must be good. More people must love aloe then we thought because the Aloe spa just managed to expand in this economy. The Aloe spa offers services just like any other spa, massages at $120, facials at $130 and full body treatments starting at $150.

We wouldn’t push aloe on anybody but will say that aloe has always taken the red, painful burn out of our sunburn. Maybe its a good thing the Salute per Aloe Spa is now in South Florida because seeing splotchy, sunburnt tourists is a daily affair. If you’re not into the spa then wear sunblock because SPF really does prevent sunburn, wrinkles, leathery skin and skin cancer, duh.