Apple Inspired White Car Coats?

Throughout recent automotive history buyers have preferred to drive on the dark side, choosing black over white when selecting a new car. Enter Apple with their aesthetic expertise and irresistible gadgetry. According to Sandy McGill, chief designer for BMW DesignWorks, white is the new black in the auto industry and it is likely because of the Apple effect!

The Apple Image might be contagious

White is no longer associated with the color of a drab wall or a kitchen appliance, but with hot new iPads and smartphones. Recent studies show that buyers view white as sophisticated, modern and chic, a trend that McGill credits the late Steve Jobs for creating.

White looks spectacular on this luxury ride, but is Apple truly to thank for this produce?

So look around you on the roadways and see if you notice a distinct rise in white cars among the sea of black and silver. Interestingly, black and silver have long been associated with luxury, and now white is joining that group. While I cannot imagine a dramatic rise in white off-roading vehicles, there are certainly more pearly-white BMW models strutting their stuff today.

Because of Apple, white certainly symbolizes fresh technology–something BMW is passionate about

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