The Ariel Atom 3S Is Even More Performance Driven

The Ariel Atom 3S is a lightweight track toy capable of hitting the 0-60 mile per hour marker in less than 3 seconds. I say track toy only because the Ariel Atom is not a street legal ride. It is a bit bare bones at just 1,350 lbs stark naked, and certainly a much more economic solution than some exotic sports cars.

Ariel Atom 3SAriel produces the Atom for European customers. It can be purchased Stateside through special distributors who have been given permissions to build the cars. Right now TMI AutoTech Inc. has the exclusive rights to build and sell the Ariel Atom. The company is located at the Virginia International Raceway.

Ariel Atom 3SThe Ariel Atom 3S at a glance:

  • A new K24 2.4-liter four-banger replaces the Honda K20 engine.
  • Six-speed close-ratio syncromesh gearbox with limited slip.
  • Upgrades and tweaks culminated in a 365 horsepower output. Factor in the extreme lightweight of well under 1,500 lbs, and the power is clear.
  • This Atom nails the 0-60 mile per hour sprint faster than most supercars with three times the horsepower it packs.
  • The Ariel Atom 3 produced just 230 horses, making the 3S a definite upgrade.

Ariel Atom 3S Optional items for this Atom:

  • Neat-o quick disconnect steering wheel, for those James Bond moments.
  • Carbon fiber kit.
  • Intercom system and battery master switch.
  • Remote brake bias adjuster and roll bars.
  • Not in the mood to wear a Stig helmet? Purchase the optional full-sized glass windscreen.
  • Available passenger footrest…in case anyone is brave enough to take a spin with you.

Ariel Atom 3SFun fact: There are a handful of regions where the Ariel Atom is legal to drive on the roads. Some of these spots are in the States. Do you know where they are? Comment below!

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