Armored Land Rover Products Make Protection Seem Cool

It could be said that the new Range Rover Sentinel is ballistic for ballistics shielding. While most of us do not have to concern ourselves with stray bullets on the way to our destinations, there remains a demand for armored vehicles in many not-so-savory places. The armored Land Rover Range Rover Sentinel and other offerings are for the types who many not need to drive through a mountain range to get to work—but need that option just in case.

armored Land RoverThe Range Rover Sentinel is understated and secretive when it comes to its protection capacity.

All jokes aside, the Land Rover Special Vehicle Operations division is packing some heavy artillery to make their offerings stand out among the rest. Not only is an armored Land Rover a Land Rover–it is designed to appeal to James Bond expectations of bad-assery. Everything they get their hands on comes out amazing, like the Range Rover SVAutobiography, Sport SVR and others.

Range Rover Sentinel How it works: To armor a luxury SUV like a Land Rover Range Rover product, the Special Vehicle Operations department takes a super-strength passenger cell that is separated into several pieces and ensconces it with bullet resistant glass and the ability to chuckle at explosives like grenades or M4 carbines. Some make jabs at the fact that using such an expensive vehicle draws too much attention in the first place, based on the assumption that it makes more sense to armor up something a little more lowkey. The answer to that is simple: Where there is the most need for the protection of armored vehicles, there are typically many Range Rovers and other higher class SUVs and vehicles crowding the roadways. It is all a numbers game when it comes to safety and one may stand out in a clunker.

Even with all of the extra pounds from the added protection, an armored Land Rover can still manage in the power arena. This is vital when it comes down to being able to out maneuver and possibly outrun an assailant.

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