Passion Starts at Midnight in Miami

We spent this past weekend racing along the Miami Beach coast on a fishing boat. Don’t get the wrong idea this definitely wasn’t grandpa’s rinky dinky fishing thing, that is, unless grandpa dropped upwards of $400k. We played on a brand new Midnight Express, custom built 37 Foot Open Fish. If you don’t fish then just disregard that word because this boat is all about the lounge.  Midnight Express is a small family owned company that came to market in 1999 with fierce mariner passion and a cutting edge 39 Foot Center Console.  Midnight Express has been revolutionizing the marine industry ever since.  Their 39 Foot won Powerboat of the year by 2005, which put them in good company with reputable brands like Formula, Ebbtide, Cigarette and Douglas Marine/Skater. Midnight Express boats are characteristically long and open, with center deck, positioned steering as the name suggests. We aren’t talking about anything run-of-the-mill, on the contrary, every boat is individually designed and then handcrafted to meet the client’s expectations. While all along being overseen by an immediate founding family member.




Sunset on the Midnight Express

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