Ask Imagine Coming to Chicago with Entire Family Which Restaurants do you Recommend?

Dear Imagine Lifestyles,

Hey, my name is Jason and my family and I will be visiting Chicago for 3 nights in August. My wife and I have 2 little kids, ages 5 and 8, and were wondering what the nicest restaurants are that are also kid friendly.  If you were in Chicago for 3 nights and could eat at any kid-friendly restaurants what would they be? I trust Imagine Lifestyle’s Taste!


Jason, DallasImagine Lifestyels Luxury Rentals

Hello Jason,

Thanks for following our website, and hitting us up for advice for the Chicago culinary scene, you obviously have impeccable taste and standards.  We are happy to give you some direction in the way of worthwhile Chicago restaurants that cater to families.

Three dining options we recommend for families are:

1) Greek Islands
2) South Water Kitchen
3) Café Spiaggia

1) Greek Islands (200 S. Halsted) In many Traditional Greek Restaurants, rather than looking at a menu, customers often would go to the kitchen to see what food was prepared or to select fresh seafood. The Greek Islands Restaurant continues this tradition with its open kitchen and will soon add a new fresh seafood display, both of which will be extremely kid-friendly attractions.  The kids will also love the flaming saganaki.  They also offer a children’s menu, which offers over 15 items.  Greek islands restaurant is always a party like atmosphere and is sure to attract many other families.  

2) South Water Kitchen (225 N. Wabash) Located in the center of the loop on the Chicago River’s south bank, South Water Kitchen offers an great dining experience or locals and visitors alike.  You will find simple, but delightful American classics, served with the chef’s own modern touch.  This restaurant will bring the comfort of your home into downtown Chicago as you dine.  They restaurant has a kid’s menu and will offer your children coloring books while they wait to eat.  This will enable your whole family to have an enjoyable experience and eat some wonderful food at the same time.

3) Café Spiaggia (980 N. Michigan) This easy-going younger sister of the renowned Spiaggia, located just down the hall, offers up upscale Italian at a very reasonable price.  Chef Tony Montuano takes great pride in maintaining the high quality Italian cuisine you find next door, just without the same price tag.  If you are lucky, a few tables also offer a lake view.  The restaurant does not have a dress code, so the children will blend right in with the other customers and their comfortable but casual appearances.  


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