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Dear Imagine Lifestyles,

Hey, my name is Alex and my friends and I will be visiting Miami Beach for 4 nights over my May break. We go at least once every year so I know the place very well, but for some strange reason I can’t seem to decide the restaurants I want to go to this year.

I plan on making a reservation at Prime Italian and Michael’s Genuine, however, I can’t figure out anything else.  I was thinking maybe Cuban with a modern, high-end twist? 

I’m not really interested in going to Nobu this year, and I’ve never really been too interested in Barton G. If you were in Miami for 4 nights and could eat at any 4 restaurants what would they be? I trust Imagine Lifestyle’s Taste! 


Alex, New York


 Hello Alex,
Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentals
Thanks for following our website, and hitting us up for advice for the Miami culinary scene, you obviously have impeccable taste and standards.  We are happy to give you some direction in the way of worthwhile Miami restaurants.

Besides Nobu, which you expressed disinterest in, there are still a plethora of enticing edible options in South Beach and Miami.  Four dining options we recommend are:

•    Red Steakhouse
•    Bond Street

•    Meat Market
•    Café Sambal

Red Steakhouse.  This is not your average South Beach steakhouse, the décor is delectably understated and sexy, and the steaks are simply among the best.  We recommend starting off with their perfectly strong cocktails while you await your table, and do not miss out on their signature side dishes, including truffle macaroni and cheese (huge order, so sharing is recommended), tater tots, asparagus and truffle mashed potatoes.  A unique twist of Red Steakhouse is their famous dessert of doughnuts.  Oh yes, doughnuts in weight-obsessed South Beach.  It is splendid!

Bond Street.   This is a sleek and savvy sushi restaurant located in South Beach’s exclusive “South of Fifth” district, on Collins Avenue.  The sushi offerings are some of the freshest, best, and most creative worldwide.  Specialties include Chilean seabass skewers, spicy tuna rolls with chili mayo, avocado and sundried tomato rolls with garlic ponzu oil and green tea salt, sesame crusted shrimp with orange curry dijon, and lobster tempura rolls with yellow tomato dressing.  This is an asset to the flavorful seafood options in Miami.

Meat Market.  We like the name, and it is definitely a sexy and tasty spot.  This luxury restaurant features the traditional steakhouse formula, featuring a raw bar with ceviches and tiraditos.  Other treats that spice this spot up from the ordinary include barley risotto with artichoke and gouda tater tots, quail eggs and crab tails.  It is on pedestrian-friendly Lincoln Road, and quite accessible.  This is also a posh and popular after-hours spot to grab cocktails with friends before hitting up the nightlife of Sobe.

Café Sambal
.   This culinary jewel is located on Brickell Key.  We recommend requesting to be seated on the lavish patio, as there is a gorgeous view of the water.  While you soak in the sun and views, sip on a lychee saketini while you pour over the delicious menu offerings.  Among the unique offerings are their noodle chips with a spectacular wasabi mustard sauce, pad thai dishes and an excellent assortment of desserts to indulge in.

We certainly hope our tips will help in your culinary adventures, and thanks again for seeking out our advice!


Imagine Lifestyles

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