Ask Imagine: I Need A Wedding Chauffeur

Dear Imagine Lifestyles,

I am planning my wedding for next summer in the Western Suburbs of Chicago since my family is originally from that area and I am looking to surprise my Fiancé with an exotic or luxury car at the wedding.  I am looking for something that will give me plenty of room since I will have on my dress.  Do you have any sports cars that would allow for enough room for my wedding dress and some bags of clothes for after the reception?  My wedding will be next August so I hope I have plenty of time to make a reservation.  Let me know your thoughts please Imagine Lifestyles.Bentley GTC


Cindy – Biloxi, MS


Dear Cindy,

Thank you for taking the time to send us your inquiry.  We will do our best to assure your wedding vehicle choice is a great success.  It looks like you have a few basic preferences and that will not be a problem.  For a sports car with room to spare, we would recommend the Bentley GTC rental car.  An absolutely beautiful car for picture taking and driving off from the ceremony, the Bentley is a very popular wedding rental for us.  The Bentley also will fulfill your request for a sports car.  Although it might not appear as such, the GTC has 552 horses under the hood and will provide all the speed you need to get to the reception on time.  Finally, since you mentioned you would be getting married in August, the Bentley GTC has a drop-top, which will make for some beautiful picture opportunities for the wedding party.  Let us know if there is anything else we can do for you Cindy and please check out our fleet of Chicago exotic car rentals.  Contact Imagine Lifestyles Chicago to set up your luxury chauffeur today!


Imagine Lifestyles