Ask Imagine: Ideas for the Perfect Proposal?

Dear Imagine Lifestyles,

I am a reader of your blog and a fan.  I am about to propose to my girlfriend of 2 years, and have been researching ideas for how to pop the question.  I have considered renting a luxury car, or maybe a private yacht for a day to surprise her.  What awesome proposals have you helped with in the past, and what do you recommend?  Any tips would be helpful.

Adam, Miami




Hello Adam,

First off, thanks for being a fan! We appreciate the compliment.  As for your pending proposal, you have certainly come to the right place!  Imagine Lifestyles is your premier source of luxury living in Miami, South Beach, New York, Chicago and Los Angeles and we are always here to help with your big events!

Both of your ideas are stellar, the luxury rental car Miami and the private yacht charter.  With the luxury car, you could pick her up in perhaps our sizzling red Ferrari F430 Spider rental for a special dinner at one of South Beach’s gourmet international restaurants in the South of Fifth district.

If you choose a private yacht charter, you will have an attentive staff to cover your every need, leaving you the opportunity to relax (if that is possible prior to popping the question) and ease into the perfect evening.  You can design the perfect dinner to be served on deck and let the Atlantic serve as your backdrop, or the sparkling Intercoastal waterways at night!

Have you considered a helicopter charter over the city?  A friend of mine picked his girlfriend up in a limo and proposed her in a private helicopter charter over Miami recently, and she was taken by surprise.  She works in the art industry and he told her he was taking her up for some Aerial shots for one of her projects.  Very sweet.

Remember the creativity does not stop here; you can always choose any mix of these, or even one of our luxury hotels rooms and make a weekend of it!  For example, you could pick her up in a Ferrari or Lamborghini rental, and take her to either a helicopter charter that would be waiting, or to a yacht charter.  The sky is the limit, give us a call when you are ready to iron out the details of your special day!

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