Ask Imagine: Luxury Car Rental Vs Purchase a Luxury Car

Dear Imagine Lifestyles,

I love skimming over your blog during my break everyday.  I just wondered why people rent luxury cars.  I mean, wouldn’t someone just buy a Ferrari if they want one?  I am trying to figure out the mentality in investing in a vehicle you will not own. 

Anyway, I enjoy reading your stuff and will wait for your reply.

Steve, Ohio
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Hello Steve,

First off thanks for following our luxury blog, we appreciate all of our clients and fans!  Secondly, you raise a very good question asked by many in the luxury auto industry.  I am happy to explain why some opt to utilize exotic car rentals rather than purchase them outright.

Many people travel often, and in each new city, they are in need of a luxury car rental to keep up appearances and impress clients. 

There are also those who want to drive a luxury car like a Ferrari, Aston Martin, Lamborghini or other, but do not want the expense and pricey maintenance associated with ownership.  So rather than dropping around $300,000 to buy a supercar, then insure it, put fuel in it, maintain it and pay for pricey storage, they just drop a couple grand here and there and enjoy ours.

And what if you like variety?  If you buy an expensive luxury car and then get tired of it, what do you do?  When you choose to rent exotic cars, you have the choice to switch it up whenever you want, keeping the excitement alive and experiencing the latest models that luxury brands have to offer. 

We hope this helps to clear up the confusion Steve, and hope you will decide to try out a luxury rental car to see exactly what we mean! Please check out our fleet of Chicago exotic car rentals and Miami luxury rental cars.


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