Ask Imagine: Luxury Sedan Rentals vs Regular Sedan Rentals

Dear Imagine Lifestyles,

I was curious if you could assist me in solving a dilemma.  My in-laws are going to be visiting us here in Miami, and my husband and I are torn between renting a regular sedan or a luxury sedan for them to drive while they are here for two weeks. 

What are the perks other than the oImagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentalsbvious good looks of a luxury car?  We really enjoy following your luxury blog, and will value your input on the matter.

Carol, Miami



Hello Carol,

Thank you for the compliment, and let me start by saying how cool I always think it is when my female readership expands (as I am female myself)!  I know there are femme gearheads out there, and I enjoy when they follow our luxury blog.

To address the matter at hand, there are many “perks” to selecting a luxury sedan rental over a regular sedan rental.  First of all, you will be thoroughly impressing your in-laws, something that is never a bad thing to do now and then. 

Also, it will dramatically enhance their enjoyment of the many drives we assume they will take down Ocean Avenue.  I would like to think that the brutal South Florida traffic may be more bearable behind the wheel of a shiny BMW rental than a regular rental beater.  There are just some things worth the extra expense.

The in-laws will feel more confident at any valet rolling up in a luxury sedan than say a Ford Focus.  Picture the beam of satisfaction on their faces as they slip behind the wheel, that alone will make it worth the investment (not to mention their photos from the visit will be amazing!).

We would love to connect with you and discuss our fleet of luxury sedan rentals when you have the time Carol.

Thanks again,


Imagine Lifestyles


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