Ask Imagine: My Sister’s Bachelorette Party in Chicago

Dear Imagine Lifestyles,

I am coming into Chicago the first weekend in September for my younger sister’s bachelorette party and am in need of some major help.  I have never been to Chicago before so I am completely unaware of where to eat, sleep, and party.  Please help!

Thank You,

Anna, Baltimore



Dear Anna,

Relax Anna; you have come to the right place for everything you are looking for.  We will gladly set up everything for the party, starting with a hotel and finishing with dinner reservations, club reservations, and your own private party bus to use all day long.  Chicago is truly one of the greatest cities for hosting these types of events and we can guarantee this party will be something for your sister to remember for a lifetime.

For starters, we would recommend a few rooms at the Elysian Hotel located at 11 E. Walton in the heart of downtown Chicago.  In a city known for world-class hotel accommodations, the Elysian is always at or near the top of everyone’s best hotel list.  Make sure to upgrade your sister to the deluxe suite, which will give her a private terrace right off of the living room.  Once you all get settled in at the hotel and have taken care of all the gift openings and enjoyed a few bottles of champagne, it will be time to head out for dinner.

It is so hard to pick just one restaurant to eat at while you are here so make sure and come back to visit soon.  However, for the purposes of your inquiry Imagine Lifestyles would suggest your group head to Epic for dinner.  Depending on your group size, Epic has 3 different areas that are also available for private rentals.  With top-notch food and even better cocktails, we guarantee the whole group will love this river-north spot.  After dinner, make sure to head up to Epic Sky for a drink on the newly opened rooftop.  We saved the best for last too because now it is time to head to the club. 

Once again, it is extremely hard to pick just one club to visit while you are here in Chicago.  We could easily suggest a number of places that would be perfect for any bachelor or bachelorette party.  After dinner, head to 308 W. Erie and make your way down the private back alley entrance to one of Chicago’s hottest weekend spots, Cuvee.  Dance the night away with a few more bottles of Champagne and cap the night off in style. 

Imagine Lifestyles can gladly accommodate all of the planning for this party and specializes in making the planning process effortless for all of our clients.  On top of everything mentioned above, we can also provide you with your own luxury party bus that will provide transportation for the whole group throughout the weekend.  Thanks again for the great question Anna, feel free to get in touch with us as soon as you are ready to make all of your reservations for the bachelorette party. 


Imagine Lifestyles



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