Ask Imagine: Oil Spill Concern on the Miami Beaches?

Dear Imagine Lifestyles,

I am very concerned about the oil spill, as everyone else is.  It is a terrible tragedy to our planet.  Other than my obvious concern for our planet, I am also concerned about the trip I have planned to Miami for September. 
Have you seen any signs of oil on the beaches in Miami or South Beach as of yet?  I hear conflicting reports that it may travel around the state through the keys.  I do not want to cancel my trip, what do you suggest?



Tim, North Carolina

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Hello Tim,

Your concern is very understandable and shared with us all.  This is the largest oil catastrophe we have experienced, and it is affecting everyone, especially our fragile planet. It is truly devastating on every level, words just cannot express.

I would recommend that you come down to Miami for your planned trip; there is no evidence that the oil will hit the shores here.  I would suggest that you keep your trip booked, and continue to monitor the situation.  There are absolutely no signs of oil on South Florida’s beaches, and September is a fantastic time of year to visit them.  We feel very deeply for the people of the Gulf Coast and what they are going through, on the heels of Katrina. 

I hope my advice helps Tim, and if you need assistance with a luxury hotel reservations, luxury car rental or anything else while you are with us, please let us enhance your trip with our world-class customer service.


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