Ask Imagine: South Beach Sushi for Super Bowl Week

Dear Imagine Lifestyles,

My girlfriend and I just made it to Miami for Super Bowl week.  We previously read in your luxury blog about the Top 5 Luxury Restaurants in South Beach, and are thinking of trying some of them.  We are hoping to get into Nobu, as we love sushi, but are unsure of how difficult it will be to get in on such short notice and during Super Bowl week.  I will call Nobu today, but in the event that we do not get in, are there any other good sushi restaurants we can hit?

Thanks guys,
Adam, New York

Hey Adam,

First off, thanks for following our luxury blog, you have exquisite taste friend.  Nobu is an excellent luxury restaurant, and we hope you are able to experience it while you are in town.  We recommend calling in, and letting them know you are very flexible for anytime this week, and only require a table for two.  Good luck, if you score a spot you will truly enjoy it!

As for other Asian-influenced restaurants, there is never a shortage of those in South Florida, as fresh seafood is an industry here.  Some great alternatives to Nobu include:

•    Shoji SushiImagine Lifestyles Luxury Living
•    Sushi Rock Café
•    Sushi Samba
•    Sushi Siam
•    Blue Sea-Delano Hotel
•    Bond St-Townhouse Hotel
•    Doraku

These are all on Collins Avenue or Lincoln Road in South Beach, peppered among the luxury hotels and boutiques.  If you two happen to be “foodies”, remember that Miami is the melting pot for culinary design, including some of the world’s best international offerings:

•    Chinese
•    Cuban

•    Eclectic
•    Haitian
•    French/Bistro
•    Italian
•    Japanese
•    Mediterranean
•    New American
•    Nuevo Latino
•    Pan Asian

So enjoy Super Bowl 44 week in Miami new friends, let us know how your upscale dining adventures turn out! 

Imagine Lifestyles

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