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Dear Imagine Lifestyles,

I love your blog and your style!  I will be jetting down to South Beach for Halloween with a group of friends to hit the scene.  Can you tell us what the current hot spots are, nightclubs and where the celebs frequent?  We really want to get hype and go all out this year and money is not an issue.



Tyrone, New York, NY
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Hello Tyrone,

My man, you have come to the right place, we like to party.   It sounds like you have been to South Beach before, and know how awesome it is.  I am happy to give you some tips on how to enhance your South Beach Halloween to make it even hotter.

The first decision to make is where to stay.  If you like to party, I recommend the new W Hotel South Beach because it is right in the district, within walking distance to most of the best nightclubs and Oceanfront.  Every amenity is provided at this luxury hotel.  It is also great for groups, as there are 1 and 2 bedroom luxury rental condos available.  Celebs love the W Hotel, so your first sightings may even begin there.

The next important decision for you to make is a luxury rental car.  There is no better way to see and be seen in Sobe than behind the wheel of an exotic car.  You said you would be coming down with friends, so if you prefer to roll together you can check out our fleet of luxury SUV rentals including Escalade rentals.  If you were thinking of getting a few exotic car rentals for the group, I’d love to show you our new Ferrari F430 Spider and other exotic convertible rentals.  Just follow the links and check out our selection.  The ladies love an expensive car; they won’t know it is not yours.

As for celeb soaked nightlife, we love the Mansion.  The Mansion continually hosts the latest and hottest talent including rappers, actors and other celebrities.  You can always find out who they will be having by scoping out their website, and the lines will be bearable because the weather is cooler around Halloween and the streets of South Beach will provide plenty of entertainment as you wait to enter.  Some of my favorite stories started in line there.  You should also check out Cameo and SET nightclubs, they also attract celebs and trendsetters.  The W Hotel also has its own luxe bar and restaurants inside, which will make it convenient.

If your group is up for it, we also have speedboat rentals, luxury yacht charters and other watercraft to explore during the days.  I also recommend a helicopter tour over the Ocean, its sick.

Give us a call when you are prepped to book your trip, we are here for you!


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