Aston Martin Safety Features Losing Traction With Buyers

There are a plethora of advanced automotive safety features available in Aston Martin luxury cars and others, but they seem to be losing traction with buyers. It is not that buyers do not appreciate the safety perks–they simply want the ability to turn them off and gain total control at times.

Aston Martin In efforts to ensure customer satisfaction, Aston Martin is working to make sure buyers can easily switch off certain features like electronic stability control. While additional safety features are in the funnel, they will have the option to be shut off as desired.

Jeffrey Scott, head of Aston Martin Lagonda Ltd.’s European sector stated the following on the slippery matter: “Our customers want to feel the road. More electronic assistance programs are coming. But you have to be able to switch them off as well.” It is good to know that a big brand like Aston Martin not only listens to customer complaints, but also actively addresses them in a timely fashion. Drivers can now disable all safety features of an Aston Martin with the exception of the anti-lock brakes. That is not possible with all upscale exotic sports car models.

Aston Martin Many assume that buyers of elite automotive brands like Aston Martin do not have the skillset to properly operate the vehicles, only the funds to afford them. It would seem that there are many out there who certainly can drive–and want full control of their $300k and up cars. It would be interesting to research buyer databases to learn more about what types of driving experience they have and if many have participated in the various driving schools offered by brands like Ferrari, Aston Martin and others. Overall, with even manual transmission options being stripped away by some automakers, it is nice to maintain a bit of control over a machine, so long as the driver knows what they are doing with all that power.

Aston Martin Post by Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentals