Aston Martin Furniture Looks Fast

Aston Martin’s branch into furniture design seems to be a success so far, with unique designs and exotic materials. The brand is showing that it is much more than just a luxury auto maker with its collection of contemporary furnishings launched in Milan, called “The Aston Martin Interiors”.

Aston Martin sofa

Uncertain if this is from Aston Interiors, but it is fantastic!

The line of Aston Martin furnishings boast unusual designs, shapes and vibes, from chairs to office items, available strictly in Italy. Who wouldn’t want to drive their Aston Martin DB9 to the office and slide into their Aston Martin desk unit? The desk is comprised of folded aluminum with a slanted drawer and fine leather finish, simple yet upscale.

Aston Martin Interiors

Aston Martin Interiors sofa

The Aston Martin Interiors are exclusive and made-to-order, none of that tacky surplus warehouse stuff. The Milan line is booked solid for the next few months with orders and each custom item can take months to be made and shipped. Customers can completely customize colors, materials, and create matching sets. There is no catalog for this line because everything is completely customizable, so you know that no one else will have that Aston Martin sofa you ordered.

Aston Martin chaise lounge

Chaise Lounge by Aston Martin features monocoque bodywork with padding 
Aston Martin desk

This Aston Martin desk design looks like it could fly right off the floor…it just needs a gas pedal.