Aston Martin Hits 1 Million Facebook Fans, BMW Leads with 6.7 Million

Luxury carmaker Aston Martin is celebrating a milestone—no, not the creation of an all-new hybrid hoover-craft, just reaching 1 million fans on social-networking site Facebook. This leaves many to wonder…so what?

Facebook has become far more powerful than anyone had previously anticipated, now incorporated into marketing endeavors and more. For example, you can follow us on Imagine Lifestyles Facebook for real-time updates on your favorite models and available exotic car driving experiences. Enough shameless self-promotion…but is that not what Facebook is for? Back to the numbers game.

Aston Martin Facebook

A screenshot of Aston Martin’s Facebook page celebrating 1 million fans

While very few people actually get the privilege of owning an Aston Martin, anyone can scroll around and click the ‘like’ button on their Facebook page, giving the brand an idea of their current popularity. I would bet they wish all 1 million-plus fans could afford a brand new Aston! If you can’t, just rent an Aston Martin from us, it’s a simple and affordable alternative to the pricey burdens of ownership!

Aston Martin Vanquish in tungsten silver

Aston Martin Vanquish

In the Facebook battle for luxury car fans, the following brands are doing quite well:
•    BMW USA—6.7 million
•    Ferrari—5 million plus
•    Porsche—2 million
•    Lamborghini—750,000
•    Jaguar—458,000
•    Maserati—280,000
•    Bentley—99,000
•    Audi—35,000
•    Rolls Royce—34,000



While many of the top luxury car companies are focusing on Facebook, Aston Martin is offering up a unique opportunity for fans:

“Fans will be given the unique opportunity to help design a special one-off Aston Martin by answering a series of questions on the social networking site, the most popular answers deciding the specification for the Millionth Fan Car. Starting with the model itself, fans will then be able to explore the full potential of Aston Martin bespoke craftsmanship capabilities by choosing from an extensive choice of interior leather trims, finishes and stitches before selecting an exterior color scheme, a number of which have been created specifically for this car by the Aston Martin Design team.”



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