Aston Martin On Ice Luxury Event

The 2010 Aston Martin On Ice winter driving course was truly something remarkable! It was the 2nd year for the cool event, following positive feedback from the 1st year. Warning: After viewing the clip below, you will feel a shiver of jealousy inch up your spine! This reminds me of the Ferrari Winter Driving School, equally awesome!

Click on the video above for a 4-minute tour through the greatest moments of the Aston Martin on Ice event in 2010

The Aston Martin On Ice driving course was so popular, in fact, that the number of driving days was increased. It grew to include 150 Aston Martin drivers from 14 countries and took place at Swiss ski resort ‘St. Moritz’, a lavish venue perfectly suited for the chaos of hundreds of exotic cars.

Aston Martin on Ice

The definition of cool

Aston Martin models including the V8 and V12 Vantage, DB9 and DBS were fitted with winter tires and became very pricey sleds. Four Aston Martin brand instructors were on-hand to teach drivers how to drift, spin, oversteer, understeer, brake and swerve, drive slaloms and bust a J-turn on the snowy grounds.
Not only did participants get the sheer acceleration/exhilaration of ripping up the snow and ice in an Aston Martin, they were accommodated at the 5-star Grand Hotel Kempinski des Baines. The Aston Martin Rapide served as a display piece just outside the hotel.

Aston Martin on Ice event

or perhaps the definition of envy

General Manager of Aston Martin Europe, Marcel Beci, summed up the event as follows:

 “We will also show them, how an Aston Martin stays controllable even in difficult weather conditions and demonstrate that driving our sports cars in the winter on snow and ice is not only possible without any problems but is also great fun.”

Aston Martin on Ice 2010

Held in Switzerland, this was an all-out luxury event

Aston Martin on Ice

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