Aston Martin Picking Up More Ladies? Not a Bad Goal

Exotic sports cars and supercars are strongly associated with male drivers. There are a plethora of jokes on the matter, including the overused ‘Middle age crisis car’, among others. It seems that the Aston Martin sales teams are angling for a new approach, appealing to women drivers with their latest offerings and marketing strategies. Aside from trying to pick up more ladies, the brand is targeting a younger demographic as well.

Aston Martin salesAston Martin is changing their game by picking up more ladies and appealing to a younger crowd. 

How they are handling the gear change:

The new Aston Martin marketing strategy coincides with the release of the new Aston Martin DBX concept car. The DBX is an all-electric 4WD luxury car and her target buyers are women in their 30s. They call the potential buyer of the DBX and others to come ‘Charlotte’. This car has curb appeal to young career women looking for something they would never have thought of buying before. The brand hopes to create the image of what attractive and savvy women flock to the dealership to buy. If their strategy works, it could catch on and make some of the Aston Martin models as enviable to women as the latest fare from Coach. According to the prestigious brand: “Of course, we will see a lot of guys buying the car as well. But the DBX is about reaching a new market.”

Aston Martin Aston Martin sales have depleted over the past few years, but with fresh sports car models and a potential SUV in the pipeline, things could begin to improve. Expanding the marketing net to include women and a slightly younger crowd could add to the brilliant blend of techniques. Who knows, perhaps in ten years the Aston Martin vehicle will be associated with much more than middle-aged men or James Bond!

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