What Happens When Buyers Demand A Street Legal Aston Martin Vulcan?

The Aston Martin Vulcan emerged and laid absolute waste to previous expectations of the brand. With radical exterior styling cues and a 7.0-liter engine with a serious drinking problem, it is no wonder buyers are now demanding a street-legal version of the epic beast. What is even better is that Aston Martin is actually entertaining the notion!

Aston Martin VulcanReports state that Aston Martin is indeed looking into offering a street legal version of the Vulcan, breaking the track-only variant out and onto the public ways. Aston Martin product manager Simon Croft shared that clients have expressed great desire to own one with street status. This does not mean that a toned-down Vulcan variant would be an ideal commuter—just that it would be legit to take out on the weekends and also to car shows and similar events. Let’s face the facts: feeding 800 thirsty horses is not a light expenditure on the bank account.

Aston Martin VulcanThe Vulcan seems to cater to a select breed of supercar lovers, with the Aston Martin racing attributes along with a look that can best be summed up as extreme. She is practically composed of just carbon fiber and can hold her own in most situations, racing or seeing who looks best.

Aston Martin VulcanThe idea of a street legal Aston Martin Vulcan would make sense, seeing as how it did work for McLaren and Ferrari with certain offerings. The astronomical $1.8 million dollar price tag of the precious Vulcan would likely be reduced along with a bit of her power, but that likely would not upset buyers. Just 24 examples of the Vulcan will be crafted, but if the street version emerges, it is likely to include a larger production run. Don’t worry—drivers likely won’t miss a roll cage when tooling about town.

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