Aston Martin Vulcan Pairs Well with the Avro Vulcan

The Aston Martin Vulcan is pretty much the most powerful thing the brand has produced lately, an extreme track-focused beast given the look of a show car. There is also another famous Vulcan in the UK—the Avro Vulcan aircraft. Watch the two epic creations encounter each other in the short clip below!

The Avro Vulcan is stunning in the air and the Aston Martin Vulcan has the ground effects covered. The Avro version is an iconic jet bomber craft that originated back in the 1950s. It is unclear if the aircraft is the car’s namesake, but it is nice to think as much. The Vulcan car retains a naturally aspirated 7.0-liter V12 engine during the time of the hybrid, and churns forth 800 horses for the road to reckon with. There will only be 24 examples of the car crafted, and all are likely pre-sold.

Aston Martin VulcanThe Avro Vulcan aircraft is a bit more rare than the Vulcan car. During its time, just 134 units of the craft were produced and just one, the Vulcan XH558, remains in operation. The crafts were a part of the British Royal Air Force from 1956-1984. The XH558 is a part of the Vulcan to the Sky charitable trust, but is fated to soon serve as a display slice at the Vulcan Aviation Academy & Heritage Center at Robin Hood airport. Yes, Robin Hood airport—we all know the British love their stories as much as their spirited automobiles.

Aston Martin Vulcan

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