Atlanta Motorsports Park-Bringing the Autobahn to the States?

Atlanta Motorsports ParkIf you are an exotic sports car owner or enthusiast, odds are that you like to go fast.  You are also likely aware that once you purchase your luxury car, often with speed capacities reaching 200 miles per hour plus, that there are very few places to (legally) unleash the full power of your toy.  Enter the proposed “Atlanta Motorsport Park”.

The Atlanta Motorsport Park is essentially in concept form currently, but would provide a controlled environment for drivers to reach max speeds in a safer and legal way.  Think of it as a Country Club, only instead of teeing off, members are hitting the accelerator.  Hard. 

Yes, this motorsport park would allow drivers to enjoy their sports cars to their full capacity in a safe environment, which is more than we can say about the autobahn, awesome as that is.

Invitations are in the process of being extended to those interested in becoming founders for this motor park, rumored to also be the first sustainable/green motorsports park in the world.

So if you are interested in having a more amped up social circuit to brag about than a country club, you can attend this luxury event to learn more about it.  In attendance will be Michael Jenkins of the Atlanta Falcons, F1 Announcer Bob Varsha, sexy Grey Goose Vodka Models and other celebrities.  The event is March 18, 2010, so RSVP if you are interested in attending.  Otherwise, you will just have to take your frustration out on a luxury rental car, or perhaps your Xbox live. 

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