Audi and T-Mobile to offer Wireless Service for Cars

Audi Connect is already among the most sophisticated Wi-Fi options on the market, allowing owners to connect up to 8 devices at the same time to the Internet from the car. In-vehicle Wi-Fi networks are increasing in popularity, and now the pricing may be coming down! Audi and T-Mobile are pairing up to provide the service for a low $15 per month, saving the battery in your smartphone and your bank account.

Audi and T-Mobile

No more pesky data charges: Audi and T-Mobile are changing gears toward a more connected future with in-vehicle Wi-Fi services.

With in-vehicle Wi-Fi, it is like you never left the house or office. You no longer need a smartphone just to connect and check on a few things or get information en route. Audi Connect launched in 2011 and marked the first of its kind. It offers drivers access to special versions of Google Voice Local Search, and My Audi Destination, which works directly with Google Earth to display up to 50 destinations at a time on screen.

Audi and T-Mobile

The burning question is: What can T-Mobile bring to the table?

The answer lies in pricing. The following options are available to interested Audi buyers and owners:

  • A payment of $450 along with purchase of vehicle buys 30 months of wireless data service. This evens out to a nice $15 per month
  • For those who do not wish to pay upfront, there is also a $30 per month plan that does not require a contract
  • There may be a few more options made available
  • Audi currently offers a 6-month free trial of its wireless data service with purchase of a vehicle. For those willing to shell out the $450, however, the 30 months is a much better deal overall!

Audi and T-Mobile

The days of draining smartphone batteries on the road have come to an end for Audi owners…and those of us smart enough to own a car-charger.

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