Audi Continues Quest for “Intelligent Driving”

Audi has been focusing on its new “Intelligent Driving” ad campaign as intently as it would like drivers to focus on the road! Recently the brand announced a national initiative that encourages drivers across America to take the Audi “Driver’s Pledge” to make the road a safer place through responsible driving.

Audi Drivers Pledge

The Audi Driver’s Pledge

It is impressive that the company has so much drive to run this campaign while touting new models like the fabulous R8! Click to view our Audi rental selection, including the fast and furious R8.

Scott Keogh, chief marketing officer for Audi, explains:
“Drivers daily face an unintelligent road. Frustrations, distractions and deterrents bombard drivers as they go from place to place. Audi recognizes these conditions and is on a mission to find solutions that not only assist our drivers, but also help improve daily driving conditions across the nation. Now, starting today, Audi challenges drivers to join the movement and take the “Driver’s Pledge” for a more intelligent road.”

Audi Drivers Pledge

Of course, not everyone is going to follow the rules

Not only is Audi’s initiative great for safety reasons, if average drivers committed themselves to becoming more attentive, the roads would be a more enjoyable place for one and all. I am certain you can think of several drivers who have annoyed you as recently as this morning. Wouldn’t it be outstanding if some of the most irritating and unsafe driving habits began to occur less frequently?

Audi Drivers Pledge

Bad call

Right now I have a mental image of the millions of drivers out there wielding cell phones in one hand, a cup of joe in the other, a foot dangling from the window and a knee on the wheel…all in favor of change?

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Audi R8

The Audi R8




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