Audi Facebook Teaser Sparks Attention

Audi knows how to generate attention, by using social networking site Facebook to unveil the 2012 Audi S5 4.2 Special Edition. For 2013, the brand is trading in the V8 powertrain in favor of a supercharged 3.0-liter V6. But before this change takes place, they are offering up one last version of the coupe for loyalists.

Audi S5

Special edition Audi S5

Facebook is the perfect forum to reach devoted Audi fans, and the move to leak the S5 4.2 special was likely a smart one. Many automakers are using Facebook to communicate the latest models, specials and more to fans, who are essentially a captive and captivated auto audience. The knock-off auto sites are often painfully obvious, like the following Misspelled Facebook Car Pages, lovingly crafted by wannabees who could use a refresher course in the spelling arena!

Audi S5


The special edition S5 boasts the Prestige Package, 5-spoke wheels, black and white leather, carbon fiber inlays, exclusive Audi badging and a distinctive dark silver paintjob. Just 125 units of the special edition will be made, and pricing for the coupe is rumored to start at $60,200 for the Prestige Package, along with an $875 destination charge.

Audi S5

A bit blurry, here is some information supplied to Audi dealers on the special edition car

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