Fifty Shades of Audi

For those who have not noticed, Audi is positioning itself as the car for the young affluent types. One would have to be blind not to see the spicy Audi R8 supercar serving as the ride of choice of frontrunners like Iron Man and Christian Grey in the Fifty Shades of Grey erotic thriller. Exotic meets erotic meets superhero? Tie me up…err…sign me up! Audi appears to like the domination approach, taking over the headlines and jockeying for that special spot as the top choice for wealthy youth. Check out the Audi commercial below, designed to coincide with the premier of the Fifty Shades of Grey movie recently:
So why is Audi taking this approach on the market when competitors like BMW and Mercedes-Benz are strategically targeting the more mature drivers? With the three brands in constant competition and also the top three tiers on the market, it would seem that Audi is eager to set their brand apart from the traditional standards. While those who could afford flashy luxury cars and the entire lifestyle have typically been members of the older crowd in the past, there is a new generation of young entrepreneurs. These young wealthy types are just as eager to separate themselves from previous norms by driving different things—and that is why Audi’s doors are wide open!

Audi Fifty ShadesOverall, the somewhat understated but still very smooth appearance of the Audi R8 appeals and works on many levels to serve the targeted marks. Would Iron Man look as cool rolling around in a red Ferrari competing with his red superhero suit? Nah. And would the billionaire Christian Grey type character work well with a plethora of exotic sports cars? Yes. But have they all been covered, coveted and recovered for decades? Precisely. The R8 is new and it is different, and now that it has found where it belongs, it can look forward to a long, sexy and successful future.

Audi Fifty Shades

The role of Christian Grey was carefully cast, as was the part of Audi. 

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