What an Autocross Driving Experience Really Gives You

There are automobiles engineered for sensible purposes like daily commutes, and then there are the supercars. These thirsty speed demons were created to defy logic, speed limits and that little tremble inside that says ‘slow down’. The thing is, supercars also come with a fantastic price tag, making them seemingly out of reach for the masses. That is where Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentals comes into play. For just a few hundred dollars, formerly out-of-reach Ferraris and Lamborghinis can be enjoyed on an autocross track for the complete exotic driving experience!

Autocross Driving ExperienceHow it works

  • Our autocross events take place at major cities all across the United States–giving more the opportunity to experience the supercar. While our exotic car rentals are always a good call, the autocross events allow drivers the freedom to escape those pesky speed limit signs and feel what the cars can actually do!
  • After a short segment of information on how the vehicle operates and its advantages on the track, drivers are unleashed on the course in the supercar of their choice for some adrenaline-inducing laps. Thorough safety information is also provided.
  • Our professional instructors ride shotgun and offer tips along the way on how to pull out the best the car has to offer. Are you ready for a rush?

Autocross Driving ExperienceThe experience

It is one thing to be an extreme exotic sports car fan, or a lover of all things automotive in general. It is quite another to have the chance to get hands on with some of these majestic machines and take valuable knowledge away with you. After the thrill of driving the Ferrari or Lamborghini on the course, and after the initial despair that you cannot take the car home with you, there is a deep satisfaction that the things you have learned will serve you forever.

Autocross Driving ExperienceWeighing the costs

Some feel that dropping a few hundred dollars for a few laps around a track is ridiculous. There is much more to it than that simple logic. These are vehicles that cost upwards of $350k each, and transporting and maintaining them is not a small cost. There are fuel costs, venue costs and much more involved–making the price per participant quite reasonable. In the end, it is an experience previously unavailable for anyone who did not personally own a supercar. These cars will bring to life something inside of you and our professional team will provide information to further your automotive passions and knowledge forever. 

Autocross Driving ExperienceWhat are you waiting for? Sign up for an Imagine Lifestyles Autocross Event at a venue near you! This also makes a perfect gift for that special someone in your life! Reserve your spot today as locations fill up almost immediately!

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