Axl Rose Brakes on Bentley Rental Car Case

Axl Rose has finally settled a Bentley rental case spanning back to 2005. The legal battle has finally been axed, as the Guns-N-Roses frontman has agreed to shell out $53,000 to the owners of a luxury car rental company who claim he damaged a Bentley to the tune of $73,976. Apparently Axl rocks hard and drives even harder!

Axl Rose Bentley Rental saga

Axl Rose Bentley Rental saga

The Bentley rental in question was a 2006 Bentley Flying Spur valued at $192,000 that was reportedly returned with a cracked windshield, broken tail light and bumper, 2 damaged tires and dents resembling a meteor shower. The star also returned a mismatched spare key and a broken remote key and was 42,397 miles over the contracted limit.

2006 Bentley Flying Spur

2006 Bentley Flying Spur

Bentley Financial Series initially sued the star and is just now receiving the payoff for the party foul. Ahh rock stars and their exotic cars…or trashed hotel rooms. So where has Axl been renting his Bentleys since 2005, and what the hell took so long to resolve this issue? Is Axl really that cheap?

Axl Rose car rentals

Axl the rocker. But did he indeed take his frustrations out on an innocent Bentley?

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Hmm…we may not feel comfortable renting out any of our Bentleys to Axe…or would we? It would make a great story!






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