Badass Test: Sleeping in a Hammock in the Amazon

For the adventure-seekers out there who just aren’t satisfied until it bleeds or is broken, there is the option to purposely isolate yourself deep in the Amazon jungle, and go to beddy-by in a hammock.  Yes, sleeping in three million square miles of rugged rainforest, teeming with anacondas, flesh-eating insects, and disease spreading mosquitos, feral beasts and more…sounds relaxing!  This is extreme-hammocking!

Extreme Hammocking

So park those fantasies of a vacation filled with exotic rental cars Miami style, luxury hotels and nightclubs, and book your ‘Hammocking in the Amazon’ brush with death now.  Hey, you can indulge in that Lamborghini rental Miami anytime, how often can you get into nature’s pants?


Amazon Rainforest Hammocking

You should know that nature’s pants are not exactly disease free, and that the insects in them carry Malaria, Yellow Fever, and Dengue Fever, which lacks a vaccine and is potentially fatal, think of it as the AIDS virus of the jungle.  Aroused yet?  Well, there are some perks.

Pink Dolphins

Your trip begins by hopping a flight to Manaus, Brazil, followed by a speedboat ride a few miles upriver with a sexy private guide (I am just going to imagine that they are sexy).  Once you reach your deep wooded destination, you will be at the mercy of the rainforest, and sleep in a mere hammock draped with a mosquito net.  Once you awaken from your frog, insect song and perhaps drug-induced slumber, you should take a swim in the river with the local pink dolphins. Yes, they really are pink.

Pink Dolphins Amazon


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